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How can I earn with Zelwin?

First of all, you need to register as a Partner via this link: 

We made a clear and transparent checklist for you.


With ZELWIN you can earn in three ways:

a) By attracting stores and manufacturers to create an account;

b) By attracting buyers to our website;

c) By attracting partners to buy packages.

Where can I calculate my potential earnings?

Visit the page below to calculate your future income out of different levels of partner packages: 


Your profit depends on your activity only.

Is it important how old am I and what is my experience?

No, the most important thing is how active you are. 

We allow everyone to earn. The more active you are, the more money you gain.

Is it free to participate in the Affiliate Program?

Sure, just become a partner and register here: 


You can earn in all three areas at the same time:

a) By attracting stores (a reward of 1% of each store’s cashback);

b) By attracting customers (20% of their cashback for purchases);

c) By attracting partners to purchase packages (fixed commission, depending on package option).

Why buying paid packages then?

Paid packages have two significant advantages:


a) With the help of paid packages, you can increase your reward up to 20 times by attracting stores. Thus, you can get up to 20% of the cashback of each attracted store.


Example: You bought a PREMIUM package and attracted 100 stores. They pay $100,000 cashback ($1,000 each) to their customers per month.

You get 20% of their cashback, which is equal to $20,000 per month.


If they sell a larger amount, your reward will be even higher and visa versa. 

b) By purchasing any of our Affiliate Packages you will receive an additional bonus in our ZELWIN token coins (ZLW), which you can exchange for real money, send to your VISA or Mastercard or save them up because the cost of these coins can skyrocket over time, this is a market mechanism.

Can I start with the free BEGINNER package, and then get a paid package?

Yes, you can.

When I participate in an Affiliate Program, attract customers, give my referral link and a person finally registers via this link, will I receive a cashback for everything that he buys?

Yes, that’s correct.

How long will I receive cashback from these buyers? A month, a year, or always?

The time for receiving bonuses from the purchases of your referrals is not limited.

If I’m going to attract stores at this stage, because I think that this is the most relevant aim now, how can I protect myself so that stores do not register directly on ZELWIN without my referral link?

It will not make sense for them to circumvent you. 

On the contrary, while using your unique referral link, which will be available in your personal account, stores will pay a reduced commission (by 2%) from all their sales.


Feel free to tell them about it!

What commission stores will pay for sales? Just in case they ask me.

It is 13% and more without your affiliate link.

And 11% with your affiliate link.


* Most marketplaces set commissions from 15% to 35%, or have many hidden conditions and requirements.

What benefits will stores get if register on

Everything is simple. They get an additional sales channel, the registration on ZELWIN is free and there are no monthly fees. They pay only commission for real sales.


During these hard times, stores won’t refuse to get an additional source of sales with zero risks.

How buyers will benefit from using my unique link?

They will receive doubled cashback. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for them to use your link.

Why didn’t you built a multi-level system, as they usually do in the MLM network business industry?

First of all, we are a global marketplace, and MLM and any multilevel schemes are prohibited in many countries worldwide. They are considered financial pyramids.


Therefore, we initially abandoned this idea.

Secondly, we have an honest and absolutely transparent Affiliate Program.


You earn, the buyers earn, the sellers earn, that’s why we earn also. There is no need to play around. Everybody’s income can be easily and clearly calculated beforehand.

Why did you choose such colors and such a website design? It is really cool, especially the cat!

We focused on our major partners in China, who told us that yellow-red colors are the most suitable for us. At the same time blue color should be completely removed (the blue color is usually used on European websites), because it is the color of weakness.

We decided not to argue. 


The designers offered us a lot of options for ZELWIN character. We’ve chosen the symbol of prosperity and well-being. We’ve realized that this is exactly what we need and our Chinese partners will really like it as well as the other partners all over the world. 


That’s how we made up our minds.

Can I create multiple accounts?

Yes, there are no limits.

So, for example I started with the free BEGINNER package. Then I realized that everything is on its merriest way and I created another account with the SILVER package. The commission for attracting old stores goes to the first account. Then I should create another account with the GOLD package, and then one more with PREMIUM?

Everything is much simpler.


Example: You started on a free basis, scored 10 companies, and saw that sales are going well – then you buy a SILVER package and start connecting companies to it. At the same time, those companies that remained at the BEGINNER package stay with you.


After you have connected stores to SILVER package, and decided that you want to take the next package further, you may take the GOLD or PREMIUM package.


All companies on SILVER remain in automatic mode until the package expired, etc.


Thus, you can buy many Affiliate Packages for different stores. Of course, it is logical to connect large stores to the GOLD and PREMIUM packages.

When the purchased package expires, what happens? Will I lose everything?

No, you are automatically transferred to the BEGINNER package and continue to receive rewards from the connected stores, but in minimal amounts.

This encourages you to be more active, which is also very beneficial to all parties.

Can I pay and return previously connected stores to the same package after the expiration of this package?

No, you will have to buy a new package later and attract new stores to it. You will only receive a commission for your old stores on the BEGINNER package.


Our system should grow on an ongoing basis, that’s why we introduced such rules. At the same time, we want to note that even after the expiration of any paid package, you still remain in the "Affiliate System" and you save all percentage of attracting buyers and partners.

Can I advertise a specific product and my stores with my referral link? For example, a friend of mine wants to open his store and sell umbrellas with handmade handles made of rare wood. I think this is a cool idea, and I will begin to promote his product with my referral link. Is it possible?

Yes of course!

To do this, simply add your referral code at the end of the link.



You post on your social networks or somewhere else: "Buy these shoes", people follow the link of the shoes, with your link at the end: 


Your friends make purchases. And you get your 20% of cashback from each sale.


By the way, you can also advise people to buy via your referral link, because they will earn double cashback.


This is also profitable for stores, because you are promoting their goods!

Very cool, but I still don’t understand how to sell “Affiliate Packages”? How the other side will benefit?

Everything is simple. You have already said that you are planning to buy several packages for different stores, PREMIUM for large, SILVER for small (for example). So, people like you, will need a referral code in order to receive the double amount of ZELWIN coin tokens (ZLW), as bonuses for purchasing a package.


You yourself will be searching on the Internet, in Telegram chat, and in social networks a code from other partners of our platform to get more bonuses!

Yeah. Now everything is clear, very cool! It turns out that in general I can create my landing page, with my code, with my stores and goods. And “shout” about it on social networks?

Of course! =) Here everyone can advertise as they can. We do not limit your imagination in any way.

Once again, we specifically made such a program so that it would be beneficial to all parties – WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS!


Beneficial to you, to us, to buyers, and stores. It is a project for People, where everyone can earn!

Can it happen so: I bought a package, received additional bonuses in ZELWIN (ZLW) tokens, and they later cost more than the package itself?

It is possible. The project will grow every day. ZLW tokens will be traded on different exchanges and ZLW price can grow along with the development of the project.

Is it possible to get ZELWIN (ZLW) tokens for free or buy them, because it seems to me that their price can increase rapidly over time and I would like to be among the first investor-buyers? Some years ago, I’ve already missed the opportunity to buy Bitcoin cheaply.

It is impossible to get ZELWIN tokens (ZLW) for free, you can only buy ZLW on the exchanger on the website: 

Later, it will also be possible to purchase and exchange our tokens on various exchanges (* we will provide detailed information and give all instructions soon).


Most projects give out tokens left, right, and center. Then their price naturally collapses. We do not want this situation. ZLW tokens can only be bought, or received as a cashback for real actions. We are well aware that this is a liquid and powerful asset. So, there no concessions, even for the members of ZELWIN team.

I want to connect a store to my account! How can I do it?

If you have your own store, you can register here:


If you plan to bring the store to our platform, go here: 


* Do not forget to register as a partner. In your Personal Account you will see a referral link for inviting stores.

Each listed store will be automatically attached to you!

What about the delivery?

We have studied all world practice for a long time. And we decided to choose an international way (for example, eBay, AliExpress, Rakuten, etc. do so).


The sellers themselves determine the timing and cost of delivery. Now in every country there are a lot of such services: UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.


Some marketplaces prefer to pay for warehouses, store goods, and then ship to customers. We are sure that this kills the opportunity for international business and causes a lot of dissatisfaction from the customers who live far away from the warehouse.


Here is the lifehack ZELWIN spotted for sellers on the world's largest websites:


"Calculate in advance your potential costs to different delivery regions (you can do it with your sizes and weights), and then include this in the price of a product.


The buyer will see the cost of the goods and FREE shipping – this will increase your sales. If you want to set the delivery separately - this is your right, but we recommend that you indicate the cost of the goods, taking into account delivery. "

Will delivery in Russia differ from delivery in Italy? How to include it in the price?

We took this into account. You can specify a different shipping cost for each country. Thus, for each country there will be a different price. This is how all the major players in the global market do.

General issues

I didn’t receive the registration letter.

Please check spam and whether the e-mail was indicated correctly. Often misspelling can cause all the problems. If everything is correct, please contact us for help.

How can I register my store?

Here is our Step-by-step instruction.

Where can I send my proposals for the development of the project?

Please write to our administrator in Telegram @ZELWINadmin, or by e-mail with all suggestions: 

  • for the development of ZELWIN;

  • for the quick filling of our marketplace with goods, customers, and partners.


Later we will additionally deal with these suggestions with the management and team.

We will present a nice gift 💣 for the most active and effective users.

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